Insipiration through the Banff Film Festival World Tour

Insipiration through the Banff Film Festival World Tour

Posted by Jill Winters on 2021 Feb 25th

This event needs no introduction to our Nelson community.  Snowpack has been hosting this event in Nelson for over 30 years.  Each year people from all over the West Kootenays come into Nelson for three nights of sold out shows to share the experience of the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour.

What keeps people coming back every year?  Is it the amazing physical talent of the climbers, mountain bikers and skiers, or the huge feats that the adventurers in the films set out on, or is it the glimpse of the different lives we get to be a part of for a short moment.  Possibly it is something deeper that binds us together as humans - the adventure, the struggle, the joy, and the love of the mountains.

This year, we get to experience these films in the comfort of our own homes.  The Banff Centre has released these films in packages to be rented online.  Be moved, be inspired, and enjoy the films that keep us coming back for more each year.

Click here to see how you can rent these films in your home.